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Autumn/Winter 2020-2021

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Collection of ready-to-wear and leather goods accessories for men and women This season, our panda team is adopting a more exotic winter trend. Our tropical prints are expressed with multiple flowers and foliage that settle on geometric or plaid patterns. Our iconics dress in these prints to blend in even more with the decor. Our trip focuses on Europe with beautiful walks in our mountains and villages. XXL patterns take up space. How about taking flight with our kites in the colors of the season? Scarves, bags and tunics get a makeover In the intimacy that has become reality, there is a return to the past inspired by Art Nouveau, with its flexible and vegetal forms. Art Nouveau takes shape in these prints where curves assert themselves and scarves, bags and tunics are given a makeover. You will certainly find the piece that matches your taste. What's new in this collection of scarves, dresses and shirts? For this new Fall / Winter 2021-22 season, find soft, cozy and pleasant materials to be trendy this winter. Let yourself be tempted by our colorful scarves for women and men, our blouses, dresses, feminine shirts and gloves that will wake up your wardrobe and winter outfits. Products that ceaselessly follow trends in order to meet every woman and every man, satisfy all your desires, be able to please you with original patterns while being fashionable. This season, we are highlighting new warm colors, new designs. We still use beautiful natural materials that are warm, soft and that will warm you all winter long (wool, embroidered wool, modal, silk, cotton ...)