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Collection of ready-to-wear accessories and leather goods for men and women

The new autumn-winter 22-23 Storiatipic collection is part of a territory where the mixtures of colors are daring, the warm ones - brick, orange, carmine, the original ones - shades of beige and gray, the seductive ones - shades of mauve and ocher. She affirms her style with XXL patterns by introducing more geometric patterns that come to life in the brand's universe. The wools and silks are soft and refined, the boiled wools enveloping and warm, the silk squares supple, delicate and colorful.

This season we are looking for an enveloping and colorful comfort, we want to reconcile pragmatism and seduction, we want to surprise you and make you smile.

Ready-to-wear evolves, new shapes come to refresh the collection and make it more varied: new dresses, new blouses will be there to dress all types of women while t-shirts come back in a new, more wintery shape. The velvet, strong point of this collection, adds an attractive and festive side while remaining elegant. It is also expressed in the bags and gloves that illuminate the entire collection and make our colorful, shimmering, sparkling patterns shine.