Discover the original journey of the designer, Marie Gozard. She shares her experiences, her various personal and cultural inspirations that have allowed her to create Storiatipic known all over the world. From scarves to the development of ready-to-wear and the creation of small and large bags, follow the path of an original brand that continues to grow year after year.

A passionate designer

"I have Italian roots, a deep attachment to India where I have lived for a long time, a bag and a scarf always ready for new journeys. The world and encounters are the infinite source of my inspiration.

I launched Storiatipic with the audacity of naivety and passion to create.

Every collection, every model, has its own story. And without taboo mixes the motif and the figurative, the materials and techniques of weaving, the ancestral know-how and the latest trends... I like to get out of the frame, to divert, to mix.

Storiatipic is an adventure that I am happy to see grow as a family. We work, imagine, push the boundaries together, with the same passion. A family of heart also surrounds me: friends artists, stylists, designers ... sometimes surprise guests from my collections.

Storiatipic is finally (and above all!) a brand that I want to share with you.

Marie Gozard, Storiatipic

Marie Gozard, créatrice de foulards, de pret-à-porter et de maroquinerie
Monogramme de la marque Storiatipic

A mark of character

Distributed exclusively in Stores in more than 700 outlets around the world, Storiatipic is above all a brand of character.

  • Passionate. Because life and Latin sun flow through our veins,
  • Open. Open to the world, to others; generous and friendly,
  • Respectful. Others, traditions, the world around us as an ethic of life,
  • It's quirky. An unconventional way of seeing the world, life and fashion,
  • Atypical. An atypical style that suits everyone.

The Storiatipic style is now known for its nonconformist style that stands out at first glance.

Materials and colours

Since its inception, the brand has been offering very natural materials, and is expanding its offering throughout the seasons with the arrival of the collections of bags and a men's line. With a particular emphasis on combining varied patterns and incredible colors that reveal each personality. In winter, the models on offer are mainly wool, wool and silk, modal and in summer it is linen, silk, cotton, modal etc.

Fanciful scarves, a sign of the brand's increasingly expressive creativity. Each season, a real desire to innovate, colorful themes, everything that creates the warm touch of Storiatipic and that allows to wake up the most classic changing rooms. The designer finds her inspiration in the mixtures of materials, style, cameos to give character scarves.

A meeting between art and fashion.

Détail d'un foulard au motif original et à la matière naturelle