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[Fête des mères] - Une jolie carte de vœux créée par Marie GOZARD pour dire merci à votre maman !

A l'occasion de la fête des mères, Marie GOZARD, la créatrice et styliste de STORIATIPIC a créé une carte de vœux à télécharger gratuitement afin d'accompagner votre cadeau et écrire un petit mot doux à votre maman.

The scarf, the trendy accessory of spring/summer 2021

This season, the scarf once again becomes the essential accessory in the wardrobe of all women. It slips into all the spring looks and wears a thousand and one way. The Panda team gives you all the tips to be at the forefront of fashion in spring/summer 2021!

Shopping trends for Christmas 2020

With 15 days to go until Christmas Eve, Team Panda is busy offering you great gift ideas and preparing your parcels to pamper your loved ones. TODAY, FOR ALL COMMANDE PASSED ON THE SITE STORIATIPIC, RECEIVE IN CADEAU A LOVE BANDANA AND A #TEAMPANDA!


A look back at a great exchange between Marie Gozard and Who's Next. You can find STORIATIPIC at Who's Next from October 2 to 4, 2020 at the Tuileries Garden! The Panda team is looking forward to presenting its Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Spring/Summer 2020 fashion trends

The Spring/Summer 2020 collections have been installed on the shelves of your favourite boutiques for the past two months. What are the major fashion trends to shopper? How to illuminate his dressing room after this period of confinement and the arrival of sunny days? Colors, pieces, patterns, materials ... We tell you everything! The shops need you today!