The scarf, the trendy accessory of spring/summer 2021
Le foulard, l’accessoire tendance du printemps/été 2021

This season, the scarf once again becomes the essential accessory in the wardrobe of all women. It slips into all the spring looks and wears a thousand and one way. The Panda team gives you all the tips to be at the forefront of fashion in spring/summer 2021!

Comment porter le foulard ?

Long worn as an accessory to protect against the sun or on cool evenings, the scarf is definitely the trendy accessory of this season. He has been present in all the fashion shows of the major brands and at the beginning of spring is unanimous among bloggers and influencers of social networks. So, how do you wear it? We tell you everything.

How do I wear the headscarf this summer?

The best known way to wear the headscarf is of course around the neck. Choose a pretty linen scarf or cotton scarf and tie it elegantly to make it light but voluminous around your neck. It will enhance some of the outfits and brighten your complexion. You can also take a silk square and tie it low for a 70's effect, very much in vogue this summer!

Presumably this season's hair accessory, the bandana was sported on all heads during fashion week, and is making a comeback! Tying around a favorite bun, around a ponytail in a scarf or headband, is the tendency to copy this summer. Highlight your own style: bohemian, rock or vintage by choosing the patterned bandana.

For a slightly more subtle effect, the check also accessorizes your bag wrapped around its handle or on your wrist as a bracelet for a matchy effect with your outfit. The panda team loves the idea of wearing it also in a belt with a nice bow that lets the fabric fall on your shorts or pants!

Finally, impossible to ignore in recent seasons, the square in cotton and silk turns into a nice top! There are many ways to tie it. Our favorite, simple and fast: take the ends and tie them to your neck and above your hips, it will give way to a bare back to fall.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection STORIATIPIC

The Panda team takes you on a journey of a thousand colours and patterns this season. Let's visit the four corners of the world, explore the beauty of the simple things that surround us on a bicycle, in a van or on our iconic 2CV. Let's enjoy the countryside, nature and small villages of our childhood. And above all, let's share this moment together, it's important.

This season, assume the color, let yourself be caught by more and more marked patterns, and be you, typically you! Find light, fine and pleasant materials to be stylish this summer. Let yourself be tempted by our colorful scarves for women and treat yourself with original patterns while being fashionable. This season, we are highlighting new colors indigo, green, orange while keeping bright colors, fresh like red, beige or pink ... Etc. We also use natural materials that are light but will warm you up during the cool evenings of spring (lin, modal, silk, cotton...) To see urgently!

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The Panda :)